Quality goes in before the paint goes on!

Our company is commited to providing quality workmanship with complete customer satisfaction. We will meet all your drywall needs from new construction to renovations in residential or commercial.

Steel Framing 
The strength of structural steel framing along with consistency and conservation of resources makes it the ideal material for construction framing. Steel framing can lower construction costs and does not shrink, split or warp which eliminates nail pops or drywall cracks to repair. Interior walls made with steel framing prevent sound transmission between rooms much better than wood framing. Larger different size house designs are also possible with the strength of steel framing. Discounts on builders risk insurance for steel framed structures can result in significant cost savings for builders.

Have a comfortable, affordable, warm house. A healthy house today is well sealed, well insulated and properly ventilated. Batts are like fibrous blankets that fit snugly between wall studs. Loosefill insulation is light fibrous fill that is blown into your attic space. The poly acts as a vapour barrier and prevents moisture from moving from warm interior spaces into a colder condensed exterior space.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with our family operated boarding crews at Bice & Sons Drywall. It is our boarders specialty to know what type of gypsum wallboard to apply, where to apply it and how to apply it. Many types of gypsum board are used for different reasons and in different environments. Sound board, moisture/mould resistant, ceiling board, fire resistant, flex board, as well as water repellant exterior board to name a few. Our boarders can apply it all with precision and to perfection.

Quality is number one with our taping specialists. We take pride in calling them drywall artists, as they not only perform joint and corner treatments but apply decorative crown moldings, ledges, step downs and niches that add style and elegance to your interior home finishes.

Texture Ceiling 
Textures add a new dimension to flat, smooth walls. They add visual interest and warm the room. Once the ceiling has been painted with a special texture undercoat we can then apply different types of texture finishes. Either regular splatter ceiling texture, basket weave appearance or a knockdown texture, they all have a different, unique effect.

Suspended Ceilings 
Many varieties of sizes, styles and colours of tile are available for commercial and residential suspended ceilings. Our professional installers will tell you how a suspended ceiling is functional, attractive and provides easy access to the plenum area. Hidden antennas, wires and duct work provide a clean, flat design that looks very attractive.