It is our standard practice to implement stucco procedure to code on all of our stucco projects. We will ensure areas where movements or water penetration could occur are properly anchored or sealed. The application of the right products in the right places to divert water from your substrate and to seal your exterior envelope from letting water leaking in and prevent water from staining your stucco finish.​

Our professional installers use two layers of Hal-Tex 30 minute weather resistant membrane building paper. It is applies in a staggered installation to ensure that a proper moisture control is in place. All exterior windows, doors, gas lines, electrical boxes and hose bibs are sufficiently sealed and provisions are made to tie in the weather resistant barrrier. Galvanized metal lath wire is applied over the paper for the purpose of scratch coat ahearsion.

Expansion Joints 
Expansion joints (or control joint) bead is used to control movement in your wall systems that would normally cause cracks as well breakup larger areas to get a more consistent finish.

Scratch Coats
Bice & Sons applies two layers of scratch coat (scratch & brown) the first layer is a 10mm thickness and the second layer is a 8mm thickness this is in accordance with industry practices. What this creates is a harder and straighter surface for the finish to go over for a more consistent look in the finish coat, a more durable wall and minimum cracking.

Finish Coat
We use acrylic finishes. They come in a variety of colors with either a float finish or a knockdown skip trowel texture finish. The acrylic coatings have been manufactured in Canada for over 20 years from the finest 100% acrylics; this provides long term adhesion and surface integrity. Acrylic provides both aesthetic and structural value to your building and is exceptionally durable, colorfast and weather resistant. Acrylic finishes are ready mixed and may be tinted to a near endless array of colours.

Decorative Details
Details come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and can be custom made to suit your requirements for residential or commercial building. We use base coated polystyrene foam as it is more versatile in its application and is coated with a fiberglass mesh and acrylic seamless finish. This results in a product that won't well and pop off stucco as a wood detail does. Trim accessories can create a completely unique look to your home just by accenting doorways, windows, putting in mid-bands or adding columns or pillars.

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems. There are three layers to the EIFS system. The inner layer is a foam insulation board that's secured to the exterior wall surface with adhesive. The middle layer is a polymer and cement base that's applied to the top of the insulation then reinforced with glass fiber mesh. The exterior layer is a textured acrylic finish coat.